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(07) 3800 0117

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National award-winning acclaim. World-standard design. Leaders in lighting innovation. Exclusive patented LED technology. Products with 7 YEAR WARRANTIES.


All designed and engineered right here in Australia.


Brightgreen is an Australian LED technology company that designs efficient Tru-Colour lighting to enhance the appearance of interior architecture.


To put it simply, Brightgreen's purpose is to create lights that make your interiors look amazing.


Preferred by many of Australia's leading architects and engineers, we at Bitola Lighting are bringing the full range to you because of the difference we know these products WILL make in your favourite spaces.


In short, when your Brightgreen lights are flicked on, your space will give you more vibrant colours, defined details and flattering skin tones than ever before!

See your world as it should be seen!


Brightgreen's award winning product range includes recessed LED downlights, surface mounted LED downlights, gallery grade LED track lighting, ambient LED wall lighting, sleek LED pendant lights and more.


At Bitola Lighting, we share the same vision with Brightgreen; to help our clients make their spaces look awesome.


Come and see the range in store today or shop online and transform your home now!







Brightgreen- Feel the Difference. 

Transform your world with Brightgreen's Tru-Colour LED lighting, available at Bitola Lighting- Australia's number 1 Brightgreen stockist!

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Increase the visual impact of interior colours and details by up to 30%, with Tru-Colour lights enhancing the appearance of furnishings, interior surfaces and textiles.


Tru-Colour LED lights illuminate interiors like never before, giving you vibrant colours, defined details and flattering skin tones.


Tested to represent higher values of key colours across the visual spectrum, Tru-Colour lights add depth and richness to interior colours and design details.


For a more in-depth explanation, watch this youtube video.



Why Shop Brightgreen?